Ashling* RiscFree* Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Intel® FPGAs User Guide

ID 730783
Date 5/13/2024
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7.1. Running Ashling* GBD Server

The Ashling* GDBServer connects to the processor core with a remote GDB, which allows you to debug the software applications remotely. The Ashling* GDBServer must be ready before running the GDB.
Table 14.   Ashling* GDBServer
Processor Core Executables File
Nios® V Processor <Intel Quartus Prime installation directory>/riscfree/debugger/gdbserver-riscv/ash-riscv-gdb-server.exe
Arm* HPS core <Intel Quartus Prime installation directory>/riscfree/debugger/gdbserver-arm/ash-arm-gdb-server.exe
By invoking the Ashling* GDBServer with --help, you can get more information from the executables’ internal documentation about the supported GDB MONITOR commands. The table below lists the common options for starting the Ashling* GDBServer.
Table 15.  Options and Description
Options Mandatory Description
--device <IDCODE> Yes

Specifies the IDCODE of the target device.

Use jtagconfig to display the device IDCODE.

--autodetect true Yes Enable JTAG scan chain auto-detection on the specified IDCODE.
--probe-type usb-blaster-2 Yes Select Intel® FPGA Download Cable II (USB-Blaster 2) as the debug probe.
--tap-number <number> No Select the TAP (test access port) with the specified IDCODE (when there is more than one TAP with the same IDCODE).
--core-number <number> No

Select the processor core within the same device.

  • Use jtagconfig to display the Nios® V processor core number.
  • Refer to the Hard Processor System Technical Reference Manual for the number of Arm* cores in the device.
--jtag-frequency <frequency> No
Specifies the JTAG frequency. The following are the valid inputs:
  • 1 MHz, 2 MHz, 3 MHz, 4 Mhz, 4.8 Mhz, 6 MHz, 16 MHz, 24 MHz
  • auto-adjust (to specify the same frequency as jtagserver)
--list-probes No List out all the serial number for the connected debug probes.
--instance <number> No Select the probe based on the serial number (persistent ID). Apply Ashling GDBServer with --list-probes to determine the serial number.
--gdb-port <port> No

Specifies the TCP port to connect to GDB.

Default TCP at 2331.