Ashling* RiscFree* Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Intel® FPGAs User Guide

ID 730783
Date 5/13/2024
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A.4. Open-Source Components in RiscFree* IDE

The following table shows the open-source components bundled with the RiscFree* IDE.
Table 17.   RiscFree* IDE Open-Source Components
Open-Source Component Version Number Source Code Link Tag
Eclipse* CDT (C/C++ Development Tooling) 11.3.0 cdt-RFI-v24.1.1
Eclipse* Embedded CDT 6.4.0 eclipse-plugin-RFIv24.1.1
Eclipse* SWT (Standard Widget Tooling 4.29 eclipse-platform-swtRFI-v24.1.1
cmake4eclipse 2.1.4 cmake4eclipse-RFIv24.1.1
RISC-V GNU GCC 13.2 gcc-RFI-v24.1.1
RISC-V GNU Binutils 2.41 binutils-RFI-v24.1.1
RISC-V GNU GDB 13.2 gdb-RFI-v24.1.1
RISC-V Newlib 4.4.0 newlib-RFI-v24.1.1
RISC-V Picolibc 1.8.5 picolibc-RFI-v24.1.1
QEMU ( Arm* and RISC-V) 8.1.2 qemu-RFI-24.1.1
OpenCSD 1.4.0 opencsd-RFI-24.1.1
Eclipse* IDE 2023-09
GNU Make 4.4.1
CMake 3.27.7
GNU Arm* 32-bit GDB (arm-none-eabi 32-bit) 13.2
GNU Arm* 64-bit GDB (aarch64-elf 64-bit) 13.2
Java Runtime Environment (OpenJDK) 20