DisplayPort Intel® Stratix® 10 FPGA IP Design Example User Guide

ID 683887
Date 1/07/2022

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2.2. Creating RX-Only or TX-Only Designs

For advanced users, you can use the DisplayPort design to create a TX- or RX-only design.
Figure 7. Components Required for RX-Only or TX-Only Design
To use RX- or TX-only components:
  • Remove the irrelevant blocks from the design.
  • Edit the config.h file in the software folder to specify if DP_SUPPORT_RX and DP_SUPPORT_TX is 1 or 0. The default setting for both parameters is 1.
    • For TX-only design, set DP_SUPPORT_RX and BITEC_RX_GPUMODE to 0.
    • For RX-only design, set DP_SUPPORT_TX to 0.
Table 11.  RX-Only and TX-Only Design Requirements
User Requirement Preserve Remove Add
DisplayPort RX Only RX PHY Top;

Core System consists of:

  • RX sub-system
  • CPU sub-system
  • TX Top
  • PCR (if not needed)
  • Transceiver Arbiter

Video Processing IP

DisplayPort TX Only TX PHY Top;

Core System consists of:

  • TX sub-system
  • CPU sub-system
  • RX Top
  • PCR
  • Transceiver Arbiter
Video Pattern Generator