Arria V Avalon-MM Interface for PCIe Solutions: User Guide

ID 683773
Date 5/21/2017
Document Table of Contents

8.2. Making Pin Assignments

Before running Quartus® Prime compilation, use the Pin Planner to assign I/O standards to the pins of the device. Complete the following steps to bring up the Pin Planner and assign the 1.5‑V pseudo‑current mode logic (PCML) I/O standard to the serial data input and output pins:

  1. On the Quartus® Prime Assignments menu, select Pin Planner. The Pin Planner appears.
  2. In the Node Name column, locate the PCIe serial data pins.
  3. In the I/O Standard column, double‑click the right‑hand corner of the box to bring up a list of available I/O standards.
  4. Select 1.5 V PCML I/O standard.
Note: The IP core automatically assigns other required PMA analog settings, including 100 ohm internal termination.