Cyclone® V Device Overview

ID 683694
Date 5/07/2018
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Partial Reconfiguration

Note: The partial reconfiguration feature is available for Cyclone V E, GX, SE, and SX devices with the "SC" suffix in the part number. For device availability and ordering, contact your local Intel® sales representatives.

Partial reconfiguration allows you to reconfigure part of the device while other sections of the device remain operational. This capability is important in systems with critical uptime requirements because it allows you to make updates or adjust functionality without disrupting services.

Apart from lowering cost and power consumption, partial reconfiguration increases the effective logic density of the device because placing device functions that do not operate simultaneously is not necessary. Instead, you can store these functions in external memory and load them whenever the functions are required. This capability reduces the size of the device because it allows multiple applications on a single device—saving the board space and reducing the power consumption.

Intel® simplifies the time-intensive task of partial reconfiguration by building this capability on top of the proven incremental compile and design flow in the Intel® Quartus® Prime design software. With the Intel® solution, you do not need to know all the intricate device architecture details to perform a partial reconfiguration.

Partial reconfiguration is supported through the FPP x16 configuration interface. You can seamlessly use partial reconfiguration in tandem with dynamic reconfiguration to enable simultaneous partial reconfiguration of both the device core and transceivers.