Cyclone® V Device Overview

ID 683694
Date 5/07/2018
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FPGA Configuration and Processor Booting

The FPGA fabric and HPS in the SoC are powered independently. You can reduce the clock frequencies or gate the clocks to reduce dynamic power, or shut down the entire FPGA fabric to reduce total system power.

You can configure the FPGA fabric and boot the HPS independently, in any order, providing you with more design flexibility:

  • You can boot the HPS independently. After the HPS is running, the HPS can fully or partially reconfigure the FPGA fabric at any time under software control. The HPS can also configure other FPGAs on the board through the FPGA configuration controller.
  • You can power up both the HPS and the FPGA fabric together, configure the FPGA fabric first, and then boot the HPS from memory accessible to the FPGA fabric.
Note: Although the FPGA fabric and HPS are on separate power domains, the HPS must remain powered up during operation while the FPGA fabric can be powered up or down as required.