Intel® Stratix® 10 DX FPGA Development Kit User Guide

ID 683561
Date 9/25/2023
Document Table of Contents

B.1. Safety Warnings

Power Supply Hazardous Voltage

AC mains voltages are present within the power supply assembly. No user serviceable parts inside the power supply.

Power Connect and Disconnect

The AC power supply cord is the primary disconnect device from mains (AC power) and used to remove all DC power from the board/system. The socket outlet shall be installed near the equipment and shall be readily accessible.

System Grounding (Earthing)

To avoid shock, ensure that the power cord is connected to a properly wired and grounded receptacle. Ensure that any equipment to which this product is attached is also connected to properly wired and grounded receptacles.

Power Cord Requirements

The connector that plugs into the wall outlet must be a grounding-type male plug which is designed for use in your region. It must have certification marks showing certification by an agency in your region. The connector that plugs into the AC receptacle on the power supply must be an IEC 320, sheet C13, female connector. For more information, refer to the website. If the power cord supplied with the system does not meet requirements for use in your region discard the cord, do not use with adapters.

Lightning or Electrical Storm

Do not connect or disconnect any cables or perform installation or maintenance of this product during an electrical storm.

Risk of Fire

To reduce the risk of fire, keep all flammable materials at a safe distance from the boards and power supply and configure the development product on a flame-retardant surface.