Intel® Stratix® 10 DX FPGA Development Kit User Guide

ID 683561
Date 9/25/2023
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A.2.1.3. Power Measurement

Power measurements are provided for six FPGA power rails by using an ADC and sense resistors. The sense resistors are connected in series to the power regulator output. The I2C interface of the ADC or the regulators are used to sense the voltages. The I2C are connected to the Intel® MAX® 10 device for reading the voltage. The current (A) reading is achieved by a PAC1931 (U233) reading the voltage drop across the sense resistor and software converts the voltage readings to current for each measured rail. The following power rails are monitored:
  • VCC, VCCP (Power sensing by I2C on ED8401
  • 0.9V (Power sensing by I2C on EN2260, U230)
  • 1.8V (Power sensing by I2C on EN2310, U113)
  • 3.3V (Power sensing by I2C on EN2310, U101)
  • VCCRT_GXE (Sense resistor R6685, monitoring via PAC1931, U233)
  • VCCRT_GXP (Sense resistor R6688, monitoring via PAC1931, U233)
  • 12V PCIe slot (Power sensing by I2C on MAX16550, U217)
  • 12V AUX2 (Power sensing by I2C on MAX16550, U96)