R-Tile Avalon® Streaming Intel® FPGA IP for PCI Express* User Guide

ID 683501
Date 4/10/2024
Document Table of Contents Event Counters

This tab allows you to read the events occurring at the link level, such as the number of received errors, framing errors, etc. for each port. You can use the Clear PX counter button at the end of each event counter list to reset these counters. Also, please note that:
  • All the information is read-only.
  • The per-lane related counters correspond to the logical lanes.
  • Use the Refresh Event Counter button to read the event counters' registers.
Table 113.  List of Events with Event Counters
Group Counter Size Description
0 4 bits Elastic Buffer (EBUF) Overflow
Elastic Buffer (EBUF) Under-run
Decode Error
Running Disparity Error
Gen3 (G3) SKP OS Parity Error
Gen3 - Gen5 (G3-G5) SYNC Header Error
Rx Valid deassert w/o EIOS
CTL SKP OS Parity Error
1st Retimer Parity Error
2nd Retimer Parity Error
Gen4 (G4) Margin CRC & Parity Error
1 8 bits Detect Electrical Idle (EI) Inferred
Receiver Error
Rx Recovery Request
N_FTS Timeout
Gen3 (G3) Framing Error
Deskew Error
2 8 bits Bad TLP
LCRC Error
Replay Number Rollover
Replay Timeout
Retry TLP
3 8 bits Flow Control (FC) Timeout
Poisoned TLP
ECRC Error
Unsupported Request
Completer Abort
Completion Timeout
4 4 bits Elastic Buffer (EBUF) SKP Addition
Elastic Buffer (EBUF) SKP Deletion
5 32 bits L0 to Recovery
L1 to Recovery
ASPM L1 Reject
L1 Entry
L2 Entry
Speed Change
Link Width Change
6 32 bits Tx Ack DLLP
Tx Update Flow Control (FC) DLLP
Rx Update Flow Control (FC) DLLP
Rx Nullified TLP
Tx Nullified TLP
Rx Duplicate TLP
7 32 bits Tx Memory Write
Tx Memory Read TLP
Tx Configuration Write TLP
Tx Configuration Read TLP
Tx IO Write TLP
Tx IO Read TLP
Tx Completion without Data TLP
Tx Completion with Data TLP
Tx Message TLP (VC Only) TLP
Tx Atomic TLP
Tx TLP with Prefix
Rx Memory Write TLP
Rx Memory Read TLP
Rx Configuration Write TLP
Rx Configuration Read TLP
Rx IO Write TLP
Rx IO Read TLP
Rx Completion without Data TLP
Rx Completion with Data TLP
Rx Message TLP (VC Only) TLP
Rx Atomic TLP
Rx TLP with Prefix
Figure 65. Event Counters Tab