R-Tile Avalon® Streaming Intel® FPGA IP for PCI Express* User Guide

ID 683501
Date 4/10/2024
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4.4.2. Command and Status Signals

Table 82.  PIPE Direct EMIB Data Channel Command and Status SignalsIn the signal names, X is the lane number and ranges from 0 to 15.
Signal Name Direction Descriptions/Notes Clock Domain
lnX_pipe_direct_rxstandbystatus_o Output Synchronous rxstandbystatus signal. Indicates if PHY is in Active or in standby mode.
  • 0: Active
  • 1: Standby
lnX_pipe_direct_rxstandby_i Input Synchronous rxstandby signal pipe_direct_pld_tx_clk_out_o
lnX_pipe_direct_powerdown_i[1:0] Input PHY power state control signals pipe_direct_pld_tx_clk_out_o
lnX_pipe_direct_rate_i[2:0] Input

Gen1-5 rate change control signals:

000: Gen1

001: Gen2

010: Gen3

011: Gen4

100: Gen5

lnX_pipe_direct_txdetectrx_i Input Receiver detect control signal pipe_direct_pld_tx_clk_out_o
lnX_pipe_direct_rxtermination_i Input Controls the presence of receiver terminations. This is a PIPE signal mainly intended for USB usage. Intel recommends driving this signal high (default).
  • 0 = Terminations removed.
  • 1 = Terminations present.
lnX_pipe_direct_pclkchangeack_i Input Asserted by the MAC when a PCLK rate change or, if required, width change is complete and stable. pipe_direct_pld_tx_clk_out_o
lnX_pipe_direct_tx_transfer_en_o Output This signal indicates when the EMIB is ready in PIPE mode. The soft IP controller must release the per-lane lnX_pipe_direct_pld_pcs_rst_n_i signal out of reset after the per-lane lnX_pipe_direct_tx_transfer_en_o signal is asserted. pipe_direct_pld_tx_clk_out_o
lnX_pipe_direct_rxstandbystatus_o Output

Indicates whether the PHY is active or in standby mode.

  • 0 = Active
  • 1 = Standby
lnX_pipe_direct_pclkratechangeok_o Output

This signal is asserted by the PHY when it is ready for the MAC to change the clock rate.

lnX_pipe_direct_rxstatus_o Output

Reflects the state of the high-speed receiver. A 1 on this bit indicates Rx is detected.

Note: The only status applicable to the PIPE SerDes architecture mode is "Receiver detected".
lnX_pipe_direct_phystatus_o Output Indicates the completion of several PHY functions including stable PCLK, after reset deassertion, power management state transitions, rate change and receiver detection. pipe_direct_pld_tx_clk_out_o
lnX_pipe_direct_cdrlockstatus_o Output
This is the Receiver CDR lock indicator.
  • 0 = CDR is not locked and is not at the correct frequency.
  • 1 = CDR is at the correct frequency.

If this signal is deasserted when it is expected to be asserted, it indicates a fault condition and the receiver should be reset.

lnX_pipe_direct_cdrlock2data_o Output
This is the Receiver CDR data lock indicator.
  • 0 = CDR is not locked to the data.
  • 1 = CDR is locked to the data. RX data is valid.
Note: This signal will go low when the Soft IP Controller instructs the R-Tile Avalon Streaming IP to start an evaluation of the far end transmitter TX EQ settings (by setting the RxEqEval bit in the Rx Control 3 register). Once the evaluation is completed, the R-Tile Avalon Streaming IP will provide a Figure of Merit value and drive this signal high. For additional details on the Equalization sequence, refer to section 9.10 of the PIPE Specification 5.1.1.