Low Latency Ethernet 10G MAC Intel® Cyclone® 10 GX FPGA IP Design Example User Guide

ID 683354
Date 11/30/2020
Document Table of Contents

5.2. Low Latency Ethernet 10G MAC

This topic lists the byte offsets the MAC registers.

Table 16.  Primary MAC Address
Byte Offset R/W Name HW Reset
0x2008 RW primary_mac_addr0 0x0
0x200C RW primary_mac_addr1 0x0
Table 17.  TX Configuration and Status Registers
Byte Offset R/W Name HW Reset
0x4000 RW tx_packet_control 0x0
0x4004 RO tx_packet_status 0x0
0x4100 RW tx_pad_control 0x1
0x4200 RW tx_crc_control 0x3
0x4400 RW tx_preamble_control 0x0
0x6004 RW tx_frame_maxlength 0x5EE(1518)
0x4300 RO tx_underflow_counter0 0x0
0x4304 RO tx_underflow_counter1 0x0
Table 18.  Flow Control Registers
Byte Offset R/W Name HW Reset
0x4500 RW tx_pauseframe_control 0x0
0x4504 RW tx_pauseframe_quanta 0x0
0x4508 RW tx_pauseframe_enable 0x1
0x4680 RW tx_pfc_priority_enable 0x0
0x4600 RW pfc_pause_quanta_0 0x0
0x4604 RW pfc_pause_quanta_1 0x0
0x4608 RW pfc_pause_quanta_2 0x0
0x460C RW pfc_pause_quanta_3 0x0
0x4610 RW pfc_pause_quanta_4 0x0
0x4614 RW pfc_pause_quanta_5 0x0
0x4618 RW pfc_pause_quanta_6 0x0
0x461C RW pfc_pause_quanta_7 0x0
0x4640 RW pfc_holdoff_quanta_0 0x1
0x4644 RW pfc_holdoff_quanta_1 0x1
0x4648 RW pfc_holdoff_quanta_2 0x1
0x464C RW pfc_holdoff_quanta_3 0x1
0x4650 RW pfc_holdoff_quanta_4 0x1
0x4654 RW pfc_holdoff_quanta_5 0x1
0x4658 RW pfc_holdoff_quanta_6 0x1
0x465C RW pfc_holdoff_quanta_7 0x1
Table 19.  RX Configuration and Status Registers
Byte Offset R/W Name HW Reset
0x0000 RW rx_transfer_control 0x0
0x0004 RO rx_transfer_status 0x0
0x0100 RW rx_padcrc_control 0x1
0x0200 RW rx_crccheck_control 0x2
0x0400 RW rx_custom_preamble_forward 0x0
0x0500 RW rx_preamble_control 0x0
0x2000 RW rx_frame_control 0x3
0x2004 RW rx_frame_maxlength 1518
0x2010 RW rx_frame_spaddr0_0 0x0
0x2014 RW rx_frame_spaddr0_1 0x0
0x2018 RW rx_frame_spaddr1_0 0x0
0x201C RW rx_frame_spaddr1_1 0x0
0x2020 RW rx_frame_spaddr2_0 0x0
0x2024 RW rx_frame_spaddr2_1 0x0
0x2028 RW rx_frame_spaddr3_0 0x0
0x202C RW rx_frame_spaddr3_1 0x0
0x2060 RW rx_pfc_control 0x1
0x0300 RO rx_pktovrflow_error 0x0
Table 20.  TX and RX Statistics Registers
Byte Offset R/W Name HW Reset
0x7000 RO tx_stats_clr 0x0
0x3000 RO rx_stats_clr 0x0
0x7008:0x700C RO tx_stats_framesOK 0x0
0x3008:0x300C RO rx_stats_framesOK 0x0
0x7010:0x7014 RO tx_stats_framesErr 0x0
0x3010:0x3014 RO rx_stats_framesErr 0x0
0x7018:0x701C RO tx_stats_framesCRCErr 0x0
0x3018:0x301C RO rx_stats_framesCRCErr 0x0
0x7020:0x7024 RO tx_stats_octetsOK 0x0
0x3020:0x3024 RO rx_stats_octetsOK 0x0
0x7028:0x702C RO tx_stats_pauseMACCtrl_Frames 0x0
0x3028:0x302C RO rx_stats_pauseMACCtrl_Frames 0x0
0x7030:0x7034 RO tx_stats_ifErrors 0x0
0x3030:0x3034 RO rx_stats_ifErrors 0x0
0x7038:0x703C RO tx_stats_unicast_FramesOK 0x0
0x3038:0x303C RO rx_stats_unicast_FramesOK 0x0
0x7040:0x7044 RO tx_stats_unicast_FramesErr 0x0
0x3040:0x3044 RO rx_stats_unicast_FramesErr 0x0
0x7048:0x704C RO tx_stats_multicast_FramesOK 0x0
0x3048:0x304C RO rx_stats_multicast_FramesOK 0x0
0x7050:0x7054 RO tx_stats_multicast_FramesErr 0x0
0x3050:0x3054 RO rx_stats_multicast_FramesErr 0x0
0x7058:0x705C RO tx_stats_broadcast_FramesOK 0x0
0x3058:0x305C RO rx_stats_broadcast_FramesOK 0x0
0x7060:0x7064 RO tx_stats_broadcast_FramesErr 0x0
0x3060:0x3064 RO rx_stats_broadcast_FramesErr 0x0
0x7068:0x706C RO tx_stats_etherStatsOctets 0x0
0x3068:0x306C RO rx_stats_etherStatsOctets 0x0
0x7070:0x7074 RO tx_stats_etherStatsPkts 0x0
0x3070:0x3074 RO rx_stats_etherStatsPkts 0x0
0x7078:0x707C RO tx_stats_etherStatsUndersizePkts 0x0
0x3078:0x307C RO rx_stats_etherStatsUndersizePkts 0x0
0x7080:0x7084 RO tx_stats_etherStatsOversizePkts 0x0
0x3080:0x3084 RO rx_stats_etherStatsOversizePkts 0x0
0x7088:0x708C RO tx_stats_etherStatsPkts64Octets 0x0
0x3088:0x308C RO rx_stats_etherStatsPkts64Octets 0x0
0x7090:0x7094 RO tx_stats_etherStatsPkts65to127Octets 0x0
0x3090:0x3094 RO rx_stats_etherStatsPkts65to127Octets 0x0
0x7098:0x709C RO tx_stats_etherStatsPkts128to255Octets 0x0
0x3098:0x309C RO rx_stats_etherStatsPkts128to255Octets 0x0
0x70A0:0x70A4 RO tx_stats_etherStatsPkts256to511Octets 0x0
0x30A0:0x30A4 RO rx_stats_etherStatsPkts256to511Octets 0x0
0x70A8:0x70AC RO tx_stats_etherStatsPkts512to1023Octets 0x0
0x30A8:0x30AC RO rx_stats_etherStatsPkts512to1023Octets 0x0
0x70B0:0x70B4 RO tx_stats_etherStatPkts1024to1518Octets 0x0
0x30B0:0x30B4 RO rx_stats_etherStatPkts1024to1518Octets 0x0
0x70B8:0x70BC RO tx_stats_etherStatsPkts1519toXOctets 0x0
0x30B8:0x30BC RO rx_stats_etherStatsPkts1519toXOctets 0x0
0x70C0:0x70C4 RO tx_stats_etherStatsFragments 0x0
0x30C0:0x30C4 RO rx_stats_etherStatsFragments 0x0
0x70C8:0x70CC RO tx_stats_etherStatsJabbers 0x0
0x30C8:0x30CC RO rx_stats_etherStatsJabbers 0x0
0x70D0:0x70D4 RO tx_stats_etherStatsCRCErr 0x0
0x30D0:0x30D4 RO rx_stats_etherStatsCRCErr 0x0
0x70D8:0x70DC RO tx_stats_unicastMACCtrlFrames 0x0
0x30D8:0x30DC RO rx_stats_unicastMACCtrlFrames 0x0
0x70E0:0x70E4 RO tx_stats_multicastMACCtrlFrames 0x0
0x30E0:0x30E4 RO rx_stats_multicastMACCtrlFrames 0x0
0x70E8:0x70EC RO tx_stats_broadcastMACCtrlFrames 0x0
0x30E8:0x30EC RO rx_stats_broadcastMACCtrlFrames 0x0
0x70F0:0x70F4 RO tx_stats_PFCMACCtrlFrames 0x0
0x30F0:0x30F4 RO rx_stats_PFCMACCtrlFrames 0x0