Low Latency Ethernet 10G MAC Intel® Cyclone® 10 GX FPGA IP Design Example User Guide

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Date 11/30/2020
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5.3.1. 1G/2.5G/5G/10G Multi-rate PHY

This topic lists the byte offsets of the 1G/2.5G/5G/10G Multi-rate variant registers for Intel® Cyclone® 10 GX devices.

Register Map

You can access the 32-bit configuration registers via the Avalon® memory-mapped interface.

Table 21.  Register Map Overview
Address Range Usage Register Width Configuration
0x400 : 0x41F USXGMII 32 1G/2.5G/5G/10G (USXGMII)
0x461 Serial Loopback 32 1G/2.5G/5G/10G (USXGMII)

Register Definitions

Observe the following guidelines when accessing the registers:
  • Do not write to reserved or undefined registers.
  • When writing to the registers, perform read-modify-write operation to ensure that reserved or undefined register bits are not overwritten.
Table 22.  1G/2.5G/5G/10G Multi-rate PHY Register Definitions
Word Offset Name Description Access HW Reset Value
0x400 usxgmii_control Control Register
  • 0: 10GBASE-R mode
  • 1: USXGMII mode
RW 0
Bit [1]: USXGMII_AN_ENA is used when USXGMII_ENA is set to 1:
  • 0: Disables USXGMII Auto-Negotiation and manually configures the operating speed with the USXGMII_SPEED register.
  • 1: Enables USXGMII Auto-Negotiation, and automatically configures operating speed with link partner ability advertised during USXGMII Auto-Negotiation.
RW 1
Bit [4:2]: USXGMII_SPEED is the operating speed of the PHY in USXGMII mode and USE_USXGMII_AN is set to 0.
  • 3’b000: 10M
  • 3’b001: 100M
  • 3’b010: 1G
  • 3’b011: 10G
  • 3’b100: 2.5G
  • 3’b101: 5G
  • 3’b110: Reserved
  • 3’b111: Reserved
RW 0
Bit [8:5]: Reserved

Write 1 to restart Auto-Negotiation sequence The bit is cleared by hardware when Auto-Negotiation is restarted.

Bit [31:10]: Reserved
0x401 usxgmii_status Status Register
Bit [1:0]: Reserved
Bit [2]: LINK_STATUS indicates link status for USXGMII all speeds
  • 1: Link is established
  • 0: Link synchronization is lost, a 0 is latched
RO 0
Bit [4:3]: Reserved

A value of 1 indicates the Auto-Negotiation process is completed.

RO 0
Bit [31:6]: Reserved
0x402:0x404 Reserved
0x405 usxgmii_partner_ability Device abilities advertised to the link partner during Auto-Negotiation
Bit [6:0]: Reserved
Indicates whether or not energy efficient Ethernet (EEE) clock stop is supported.
  • 0: Not supported
  • 1: Supported
RO 0
Indicates whether or not EEE is supported.
  • 0: Not supported
  • 1: Supported
RO 0
Bit [11:9]: SPEED
  • 3'b000: 10M
  • 3'b001: 100M
  • 3'b010: 1G
  • 3'b011: 10G
  • 3'b100: 2.5G
  • 3'b101: 5G
  • 3'b110: Reserved
  • 3'b111: Reserved
RO 0
Bit [12]: DUPLEX
Indicates the duplex mode.
  • 0: Half duplex
  • 1: Full duplex
RO 0
Bit [13]: Reserved

A value of 1 indicates that the device has received three consecutive matching ability values from its link partner.

RO 0
Bit [15]: LINK
Indicates the link status.
  • 0: Link down
  • 1: Link up
RO 0
Bit [31:16]: Reserved
0x406:0x411 Reserved
0x412 usxgmii_link_timer

Auto-Negotiation link timer. Sets the link timer value in bit [19:14] from 0 to 2 ms in approximately 0.05-ms steps. You must program the link timer to ensure that it matches the link timer value of the external NBASE-T PHY IP.

The reset value sets the link timer to approximately 1.6 ms.

Bits [13:0] are reserved and always set to 0.

[19:14]: RW

[13:0]: RO

[19:14]: 1F

[13:0]: 0

0x413:0x41F Reserved
0x461 phy_serial_loopback Configures the transceiver serial loopback in the PMA from TX to RX.
Bit [0]
  • 0: Disables the PHY serial loopback
  • 1: Enables the PHY serial loopback
RW 0
Bit [31:1]: Reserved

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