Stratix V Device Overview

ID 683258
Date 6/15/2020

1. Stratix V Device Overview

Altera’s 28-nm Stratix® V FPGAs include innovations such as an enhanced core architecture, integrated transceivers up to 28.05 gigabits per second (Gbps), and a unique array of integrated hard intellectual property (IP) blocks.

With these innovations, Stratix V FPGAs deliver a new class of application-targeted devices optimized for:

  • Bandwidth-centric applications and protocols, including PCI Express® (PCIe®) Gen3
  • Data-intensive applications for 40G/100G and beyond
  • High-performance, high-precision digital signal processing (DSP) applications

Stratix V devices are available in four variants (GT, GX, GS, and E), each targeted for a different set of applications. For higher volume production, you can prototype with Stratix V FPGAs and use the low-risk, low-cost path to HardCopy® V ASICs.