Stratix V Device Overview

ID 683258
Date 6/15/2020
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1.7. Adaptive Logic Module

Stratix V devices use an improved ALM to implement logic functions more efficiently. The Stratix V ALM has eight inputs with a fracturable look-up table (LUT), two dedicated embedded adders, and four dedicated registers.

The Stratix V ALM has the following enhancements:

  • Packs 6% more logic when compared with the ALM found in Stratix IV devices.
  • Implements select 7-input LUT-based functions, all 6-input logic functions, and two independent functions consisting of smaller LUT sizes (such as two independent 4-input LUTs) to optimize core usage.
  • Adds more registers (four registers per 8-input fracturable LUT). More registers allow Stratix V devices to maximize core performance at a higher core logic usage and provides easier timing closure for register-rich and heavily pipelined designs.

The Quartus II software leverages the Stratix V ALM logic structure to deliver the highest performance, optimal logic usage, and lowest compile times. The Quartus II software simplifies design re-use because it automatically maps legacy Stratix designs into the new Stratix V ALM architecture.