Stratix V Device Overview

ID 683258
Date 6/15/2020
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1.16. HardCopy V Devices

HardCopy V ASICs offer the lowest risk and lowest total cost in ASIC designs with embedded high-speed transceivers. You can prototype and debug with Stratix V FPGAs, then use HardCopy V ASICs for volume production. The proven turnkey process creates a functionally equivalent HardCopy V ASIC with or without embedded transceivers to meet all timing constraints in as little as 12 weeks.

The powerful combination of Stratix V FPGAs and HardCopy V ASICs can help you meet your design requirements. Whether you plan for ASIC production and require the lowest-risk, lowest-cost path from specification to production or require a cost reduction path for your FPGA-based systems, Altera provides the optimal solution for power, performance, and device bandwidth.