Intel Agilex® 7 Embedded Memory User Guide

ID 683241
Date 10/19/2023
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3.9. Consider the Memory Depth Setting

When setting the memory depth or words, use even number as an odd number memory depth is not supported. You can input an odd number, but the Intel® Quartus® Prime software automatically increases the memory depth by 1, making it an even number. For example, when 255 is input for the memory depth, Intel® Quartus® Prime software generates an RTL with 256 memory depth.

If you are using an odd size memory depth with a .mif or .hex, you should expect a similar critical warning during compilation as below:

Critical Warning(127005): Memory depth (256) in the design file differs from memory depth (255) in the Memory Initialization File <hex file> – setting the initial value for remaining addresses to 0.