Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Design Compilation

ID 683236
Date 4/03/2023

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Document Table of Contents Fast Forward Details Report

The Fast Forward Details report recommends the design modifications necessary to achieve Fast Forward compilation performance levels. Some recommendations might be functionally impossible or impractical for your design. Consider the recommendations that you can implement in RTL to achieve similar performance improvement.

Click any optimization Step in the report to view the implementation details and performance calculations for that step.

Figure 88. Fast-Forward Details Report
Figure 89. Recommendations for Critical Chain

Right-click any path to locate the critical chain in the Fast Forward Viewer. The Fast Forward Viewer displays a predictive representation of the complete design, after implementation of all Fast Forward recommendations.

Figure 90. Locate Critical Chain in Fast Forward Viewer
Figure 91. Fast Forward Viewer Shows Predictive Results
Table 23.  Fast Forward Details Report Data
Report Field Description
Step Displays the pre-optimized Base Performance fMAX, the recommended Fast Forward optimization steps, and the Fast Forward Limit critical path that prevents further optimization.
Fast Forward Optimizations Analyzed Summarizes the optimizations necessary to implement each optimization step.
Estimated Fmax Specifies the potential fMAX performance if you implement all Fast Forward optimization steps.
Optimizations Analyzed For Fast Forward Step Lists design recommendations hierarchically for the selected Step. Click the text to expand the report and view the clock domain, the affected module, and the bus and bits that require modification.
Optimizations Analyzed (Cumulative) Accumulated list of all design changes necessary to reach the selected Step.
Critical Chain at Fast Forward Limit Displays information about any path that continues to limit Hyper-Retiming even after application of all Fast Forward steps. The critical chain is any path that limits further Hyper-Retiming. Click the Fast Forward Limit step to display this field.
Recommendations for Critical Chain Lists register timing path associated with the retiming limitations. Right-click any path to Locate Critical Chain in Fast Forward Viewer.