AN 750: Using the Altera PDN Tool to Optimize Your Power Delivery Network Design

ID 683155
Date 7/08/2015
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1.3. Estimating the Current Requirements of your FPGA Design

Before designing your PDN, it is important to use accurate current estimates for each FPGA power supply. You should consider worst case scenarios of your design, but do not over-estimate, because it can make the PDN design more challenging.

You can estimate the current requirements of your FPGA design with the PowerPlay Early Power Estimators (EPE) and Quartus PowerPlay Power Analyzer (PPPA). The EPE is a spreadsheet based tool that shows the FPGA design power, based on your design requirement input. The PPPA is a Quartus® software tool that estimates your current requirements, based on the Fit of your Quartus project.

The PowerPlay Early Power Estimators (EPE) and Power Analyzer userguide provides additional information on these tools.