SDI II Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683133
Date 2/16/2022

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Document Table of Contents Modifying the Transceiver Reconfiguration Controller

Perform the following changes to modify the transceiver reconfiguration controller:

  • Edit the Number_of_reconfig_interfaces parameter. This parameter specifies the total number of reconfiguration interfaces that connect to this block.
  • Each channel or TX PLL needs one reconfiguration interface. Therefore, an SDI duplex or SDI TX mode requires two interfaces while an SDI RX mode requires only one interface. If you enable the dynamic TX clock switching feature, the SDI duplex or SDI TX mode requires three interfaces. The additional interface is for the additional TX PLL. For simplicity, assume this option is disabled.
  • Determine the total number of reconfiguration interfaces required in your design and assign the parameter value accordingly. In this design example, the total number of reconfiguration interfaces is 7 (Ch0=2, Ch1=3 and Ch2=2).
  • Link the reconfig_to_xcvr and reconfig_from_xcvr signals from the additional SDI duplex instance at Ch2. You must link the signals in the order of the logical channel number (rx_log_ch_num and tx_log_ch_num) in the reconfiguration logic source file (sdi_ii_reconfig_logic.v).
  • In the design example that instantiates the transceiver reconfiguration controller, add the wire connection between the additional SDI duplex instance at Ch2 and the transceiver reconfiguration controller as shown below:
wire [ 139:0] reconfig_to_xcvr_du_ch2;
wire [  91:0] reconfig_from_xcvr_du_ch2;
wire [ 139:0] reconfig_to_xcvr_tx_ch1;
wire [  69:0] reconfig_to_xcvr_rx_ch1;
wire [  91:0] reconfig_from_xcvr_tx_ch1;
wire [  45:0] reconfig_from_xcvr_rx_ch1;
wire [ 139:0] reconfig_to_xcvr_du_ch0;
wire [  91:0] reconfig_from_xcvr_du_ch0;

alt_xcvr_reconfig #(
   .number_of_reconfig_interfaces (7),
) u_reconfig (
   .reconfig_to_xcvr    ({reconfig_to_xcvr_du_ch2, 
   .reconfig_from_xcvr  ({reconfig_from_xcvr_du_ch2,