P-Tile Avalon® Streaming Intel® FPGA IP for PCI Express* User Guide

ID 683059
Date 10/07/2021

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Document Table of Contents TLPBYPASS_ERR_STATUS (Address 0x104190)

When an error is detected, Intel recommends that you read the PF0 AER register inside P-Tile to get detailed information about the error. To clear the previous error status, you need to clear TLPBYPASS_ERR_STATUS and the corresponding correctable and uncorrectable error status registers in the AER capability structure. After doing that, you can get the new error update from this register.

Table 105.  TLPBYPASS_ERR_STATUS Register (Address 0x104190)
Name Bits Reset Value Access Mode Register Description
Reserved [31:20] 12’b0 RO Reserved
cfg_uncor_internal_err_sts [19] 1'b0 W1C Uncorrectable Internal Error
cfg_corrected_internal_err_sts [18] 1'b0 W1C Corrected Internal Error
cfg_rcvr_overflow_err_sts [17] 1'b0 W1C Receiver Overflow Error
cfg_fc_protocol_err_sts [16] 1'b0 W1C Flow Control Protocol Error
cfg_mlf_tlp_err_sts [15] 1'b0 W1C Malformed TLP Error
cfg_surprise_down_err_sts [14] 1'b0 W1C Surprise Down Error. Available in downstream mode only.
cfg_dl_protocol_err_sts [13] 1'b0 W1C Data Link Protocol Error
cfg_replay_number_rollover_err_sts [12] 1'b0 W1C REPLAY_NUM Rollover Error
cfg_replay_timer_timeout_err_sts [11] 1'b0 W1C Replay Timer Timeout Error
cfg_bad_dllp_err_sts [10] 1'b0 W1C Bad DLLP Error
cfg_bad_tlp_err_sts [9] 1'b0 W1C Bad TLP Error
cfg_rcvr_err_sts [8] 1'b0 W1C Receiver Error
Reserved [7:1] 7'b0 RO Reserved
cfg_ecrc_err_sts [0] 1'b0 W1C ECRC Error