Ethernet Subsystem Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 773413
Date 8/29/2023

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4.6. Auto-Negotation and Link Training

E-Tile Auto Negotiation and Link Training

When you enable the ANLT feature in the IP GUI, the ANLT logic, which includes the ANLT CSR and CPU, is instantiated in the E-Tile Ethernet IP.

F-Tile Auto-Negotiation and Link Training

Unlike previous ANLT blocks, such as Stratix 10 and older, this block is not dependent on the main or base Ethernet IP. That is, the ANLT block is a distinct and independent IP from the basic Ethernet address. The Ethernet Subsystem IP automatically connects the ANLT IP to the base Ethernet IP.

The number of ANLT IP instantiated in the Ethernet Subsystem IP depends on the different Ethernet configurations configured in the Ethernet Subsystem IP. With the same configuration, one ANLT IP can be connected to multiple Ethernet ports.