Intel Agilex® 7 M-Series FPGA Network-on-Chip (NoC) User Guide

ID 768844
Date 10/12/2023

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Document Table of Contents Step 2: Make Connection Assignments in the NoC Assignment Editor

This step describes how to create connection assignments between initiators and targets using the NoC Assignment Editor. If your design uses the Platform Designer connection flow, as NoC Design Flow Options describes, you make connections between initiators and targets in Platform Designer. The design .qip file stores those connection assignments that appear automatically in the NoC Assignment Editor as read-only assignments. You must make any changes to these assignments only in Platform Designer.

If your design uses the Platform Designer connection flow, as NoC Design Flow Options describes, and you have not made group assignments for your NoC elements, the Connection tab displays an <Ungrouped> subtab. The <Ungrouped> subtab shows connections that you defined in Platform Designer, but whose elements you have not assigned to a NoC group. Before continuing with connection assignments, click the Group tab and make group assignments for all NoC elements, as Step 1: Make Group Assignments in the NoC Assignment Editor describes.

After creating the group assignments in the Group tab of the NoC Assignment Editor, follow these steps to specify connections between NoC initiators and targets or SSM elements:

  1. In the NoC Assignment Editor, click the Connection tab. The Connection tab includes a subtab for each group that you specify on the Group tab.
    Note: You must complete the Group tab assignments before starting the Connection tab assignments.
  2. Specify connections between a NoC initiator and a target or SSM by enabling the corresponding checkbox in the connection table. The group subtab includes a connection table with all the NoC initiators for that group listed on the left-hand side, and of all the NoC targets and SSM elements for the group listed across the top.

Figure 23. NoC Assignment Editor Connection Tab shows an example Connection tab in the NoC Assignment Editor with individual initiators and targets marked for connection.

Figure 23. NoC Assignment Editor Connection Tab

Note: Use the scrollbar at the right side to view additional initiators below. Use the scrollbar along the bottom to view additional targets or SSM elements to the right.

The following shows the equivalent .qsf assignment for specifying an initiator-to-target connection:

set_instance_assignment -name NOC_CONNECTION ON -from \
<hierarchical initiator path name> -to <hierarchical target path name>