F-Tile 25G Ethernet Intel® FPGA IP Design Example User Guide

ID 750200
Date 11/29/2023
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3.5.1. Test Procedure

Follow these steps to test the design examples in hardware:

  1. In system console, change the directory to <design_example_dir>/hardware_test_design/hwtest.
  2. Run the following command: source main.tcl to select a JTAG master.
  3. To select the JTAG master for Intel Agilex® 7 devices, run this command: set_jtag <number of appropriate JTAG master>. Example: set_jtag 1.
  4. Run the following commands in the system console to start the dynamic reconfiguration test: source altera/sval_top/dr_f_10g_test.tcl . The following are executed in the dr_f_10g_test.tcl script:
    Table 11.  Command Parameters
    Parameter Description Example Usage
    chkphy_status <link num> Displays the clock frequencies and PHY lock status. % chkphy_status 0 # Check status of link 0
    chkmac_stats <link num> Displays the values in the MAC statistics counters. % chkmac_stats 1 # Checks mac statistics counter of link 1
    clear_all_stats <link num> Clears the IP core statistics counters. % clear_all_stats 1 # Clears statistics counter of link 1
    start_gen <link num> Starts the packet generator. % start_gen 1 # Begin packet generation on link 1
    stop_gen <link num> Stops the packet generator. % stop_gen 1 # Stop packet generation on link 1
    loop_on <link num> Turns on internal serial loopback. % loop_on 2 # Turn on internal loopback on link 2
    loop_off <link num> Turns off internal serial loopback. % loop_off 2 # Turn off internal loopback on link 2
    reg_read <addr> Returns the IP core register value at <addr>. % reg_read 0x302 # Read IP CSR register at address 302 of link 0

    % reg_read 0x4542 # Read transceiver reconfiguration register at address 4542 of link 0

    reg_write <addr> <data> Writes <data> to the IP core register at address <addr>. % reg_write 0x30301 0x1 # Write 0x1 to IP CSR scratch register at address 301 of link 3

    % reg_write 0x34542 0x0 # Write 0x0 to transceiver reconfiguration register at address 4542 of link 3

    1. Type chkphy_status <link num> to check the status of the PHY. The TXCLK, RXCLK, and RX status should have the same values shown below for a stable link:
      Figure 10. System Console Example Printout
Figure 11. Sample Test Output—TX and RX Statistics Counters