Nios V® Embedded Processor Design Handbook

ID 726952
Date 2/14/2023

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5.5.1. Hardware Development Flow

You can create the µC/TCP-IP example designs hardware system using the Platform Designer.

  1. In the Platform Designer, create a new Platform Designer system (sys.qsys).
  2. Navigate to View > System Scripting.
  3. Under the Project Scripts, add and run qsys_script_create_system.tcl.
    Figure 81. System Scripting Windows
  4. The generated Platform Designer system consist of the Nios V/m processor, TSE IP, mSGDMA IP and other peripherals. Refer to Hardware Design Files for the complete system.
  5. Click Generate HDL to generate the system HDL.
  6. Click Processing > Start Compilation to perform a full hardware compilation and generate the hardware .sof file.
    Note: Currently, the hardware .sof file is not memory-initialized with the µC/TCP-IP application. Refer to the following section for more information.