AN 846: Intel® Stratix® 10 Forward Error Correction

ID 683805
Date 7/02/2018
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5.1.1. RS (528, 514, t = 7, m = 10)

Figure 8. RS-FEC Code Word with no Errors
Figure 9. RS-FEC Code Word with a Symbol Error

If 1 bit or all the m bits of a symbol are corrupt, this accounts for one symbol error. Symbols correlate well into burst errors.

Figure 10. RS-FEC Code Word with Seven Single Bit Errors

RS-FEC can correct any seven single bit errors.

Figure 11. RS-FEC Code Word with 70b Burst Errors

RS (528, 514) can correct up to seven symbols. If all bits are error bits, for all seven symbols, then the total number of correctable bits is 70.

Note: Errored symbols can be non-consecutive.