AN 846: Intel® Stratix® 10 Forward Error Correction

ID 683805
Date 7/02/2018
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6. FEC Implementation Using the E-Tile Channel Placement Tool

The E-Tile Channel Placement Tool allows you to swiftly plan protocol placements in the product prior to reading comprehensive documentation and implementing designs in the Intel® Quartus® Prime software.

The Excel-based E-Tile Channel Placement Tool, supplemented with Instruction, Legend, Revision and Protocols tabs, is self-sustaining, and available for download.

Figure 22. Fractured ModeEach lane has its own FEC block. This example uses 25GbE EHIP_LANE MAC + PCS with RS (528, 514).
Figure 23. Aggregate ModeFour lanes with FEC blocks bundled together. Examples include:
  • 100GbE EHIP_CORE (25G * 4) MAC + PCS with RS (528, 514)
  • 100GbE EHIP_CORE (50G * 2) MAC + PCS with RS (544, 514)
Figure 24. E-Tile Channel Placement Tool with 4 * 25GbE with RS-FEC (NRZ)In this configuration, RS-FEC is in fractured mode.
Figure 25. E-Tile Channel Placement Tool with 100GBASE-KR4/CR4 (NRZ)In this configuration, RS-FEC is in aggregate mode.
Figure 26. E-Tile Channel Placement Tool with 100GBASE-KR2/CR2 (PAM4)In this configuration, RS-FEC is in aggregate mode.