AN 846: Intel® Stratix® 10 Forward Error Correction

ID 683805
Date 7/02/2018
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8.6. Comparison to the Specification

Table 8.  Coding Gain Comparison
Specification (802.3bj) Hardware Measurement
4.9 to 5.3 dB 5.1 dB 3

Note the following:

  • Post FEC BER is an estimate from uncorrectable code words.
  • Received bits at the PRBS are normalized to account for PRBS payload + MAC padding (preamble, start codeword delimiter, and so on).
  • Total IL = SI development kit loss + backplane loss + cable loss + variable ISI box loss.
  • Total IL is a first order loss calculated by summing all the individual losses.

These hardware results demonstrate that the Intel FEC solution complies with the specification, making it a compelling solution for your Ethernet, CPRI, or Fibre Channel designs.

3 These results are preliminary, and the final test results are pending characterization.