Ethernet Toolkit User Guide

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Date 1/10/2023
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3.1.4. Status

The Status tab provides different values of various status and settings registers. You need to click Start Reading All Status button to start reading the registers. The read happens on discrete time intervals, and continue to read until you click Stop Reading All Status button.

The status tab of the Ethernet Toolkit has the following five tabs:
  • Link Bring Up 4
  • PCS Status
  • PHY Status
  • MAC Settings
  • AN and LT Status4
In each status tab, there is a checkbox that allows you to enable or disable that tab for the reading all status options.

For E-tile Ethernet IP designs, the Ethernet Toolkit is able to automatically detect AN/LT status tab if your design has AN/LT and RS-FEC functionalities enabled for the Ethernet instance. If you don't enable the AN/LT and RS-FEC functionality for your Ethernet design, these options are grayed out in the tool.

4 This feature is only available for E-tile Ethernet IPs.

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