Ethernet Toolkit User Guide

ID 683793
Date 4/01/2024
Document Table of Contents 32-Bit Soft CWBIN Counter Status

The CWBin 0-3 counters are the only counts expected to increment at high rate. Therefore this module does a fast reading of these 8-bit counter values from the Hard IP (Intellectual Property) and it accumulates these counts to 32-bit counter registers.

To access the Soft IP register space, you need to generate the design by enabling the Include 32Bit soft CWBIN counters parameter from the IP parameter GUI (Graphical User Interface) as shown in the figure below.
Figure 37. Example of IP Parameters

The figure below displays the counter values in soft 32-bit CWBIN counters.

Figure 38. Example of 32-Bit Soft CWBIN Counters Status Tab