Ethernet Toolkit User Guide

ID 683793
Date 4/01/2024
Document Table of Contents PCS Status

  • RX PCS Ready: Displays the RX PCS ready status and asserts when the RX lanes of the corresponding Ethernet channel are fully aligned and ready to receive data.
  • TX Lanes Stable: Displays the TX lanes stable status and asserts when all the physical TX lanes are stable and ready to transmit data for the corresponding Ethernet channel.
  • Deskewed status: Displays the Deskew status and asserts when the RX PCS is correctly de-skewed after the alignment marker lock is achieved on all lanes and the lane-to-lane skew is removed.
  • Alignment Marker Lock: Displays the alignment marker lock status and asserts when the alignment marker is locked. The purpose of using alignment markers is for lane identification. The alignment marker that is added to each lane is unique. This makes it possible to uniquely identify the PCS lanes at the receiver. As a result, the receiver can detect when the lanes are connected in a different order other than the transmitter order.
Figure 22. Example of PCS Status Tab