Ethernet Toolkit User Guide

ID 683793
Date 4/01/2024
Document Table of Contents Packet Generator for F-Tile Ethernet IP

You can set the packet generator mode for the following options:
  • Packet Client Loopback Mode: Performs exactly 16 packets transfers. Each packet has a start and a stop for each packet generation cycle.
  • Enable continuous mode of packet transmission: Performs continuous packet generation. The packet generation is initiated by the start packet generation and terminated by the stop packet generation.
  • Disable continuous mode of packet transmission: Performs packet generation only once and stops the packet generation automatically once the packet generation completes.
The types of packets sent to the packet generator are available in the following modes:
  • Fixed Length Mode: Fixed packet length of 64 bytes with incremental data
  • Incremental Length Mode: Incremental packet length of 64 - 79 bytes range with incremental data
  • Random Length Mode: Random packet length with random data

The packet length sent to the packet generator does not include the 4 bytes CRC field.

Figure 33. Example Design Packet Generator Settings Tab