AN 744: Scalable Triple Speed Ethernet Reference Design for Arria 10 Devices

ID 683785
Date 5/13/2016
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1.7.1. Testbench Files

The testbench files are located in the following folders:

  • <project directory>/altera_eth_tse_wo_1588/testbench/Modelsim/testcase<n> for the reference design without the IEEE 1588v2 feature.
  • <project directory>/altera_eth_tse_w_1588/testbench/Modelsim/testcase<n> for the reference design with the IEEE 1588v2 feature.
Table 4.  Testbench Files
Name Description A wrapper for the Avalon BFMs that the file uses. A SystemVerilog HDL driver that uses the BFMs to form the TX and RX datapaths, and access the Avalon-MM interface. A SystemVerilog HDL testbench that contains parameters to configure the BFMs. Because the configuration is specific to the DUT, you must not change the contents of this file. A SystemVerilog HDL testbench that monitors the Avalon-ST TX and RX interfaces. A SystemVerilog HDL package that contains the default parameter settings of the testbench. A SystemVerilog HDL class that defines the Ethernet frames. The file uses this class. A SystemVerilog HDL package that maps addresses to the Avalon-MM control registers. A SystemVerilog HDL class that defines the timestamp in the testbench.
tb_run.tcl A Tcl script that starts a simulation session in the ModelSim simulation software.

A SystemVerilog HDL testbench file that controls the flow of the testbench.

The top-level testbench file consists of the device under test (DUT), a client packet generator, and a client packet monitor along with other logic blocks. A signal tracing macro script that the ModelSim simulation software uses to display testbench signals.