AN 744: Scalable Triple Speed Ethernet Reference Design for Arria 10 Devices

ID 683785
Date 5/13/2016

1.3. Design Parameters

The reference designs allow you to set the total number of channels. The design with the IEEE 1588v2 allows you to also set the width of the timestamp fingerprint. You can specify these parameters by editing the file.

Table 2.  Parameters
Name Description Default Value
NUM_CHANNELS Use this parameter to specify the total number of Ethernet channels to be instantiated in the design. You can specify between 1 to 10 channels. 2

Use this parameter to set the width of the timestamp fingerprint width for the design. The value of this parameter must match the value of the Timestamp fingerprint width parameter of the Triple-Speed Ethernet MAC IP. Each time you change the value of this parameter, you must reconfigure and regenerate the MAC IP.