AN 744: Scalable Triple Speed Ethernet Reference Design for Arria 10 Devices

ID 683785
Date 5/13/2016

1. AN-744: Scalable Triple Speed Ethernet Reference Designs for Arria 10 Devices

The Altera® scalable Triple-Speed Ethernet reference designs demonstrate the functionalities of the Altera Triple-Speed Ethernet MegaCore® in Arria 10 devices. The reference designs offer the following features:

  • Multi-channel Triple-speed Ethernet MAC IP operating at 10/100/1000 Mbps.
  • Scability, up to 10 Ethernet channels.
  • Implementation of the IEEE 1588v2 feature in one of the designs.
  • Packet monitoring on the TX and RX datapaths.
  • Reporting of the MAC TX and RX statistics counters.
  • Testing of various types of Ethernet packet transfer.