AN 744: Scalable Triple Speed Ethernet Reference Design for Arria 10 Devices

ID 683785
Date 5/13/2016

1.2. Design Components

Table 1.  Reference Design Components
Component Description
Altera Triple-Speed Ethernet IP core Provides the MAC and PCS functionalities and features.
I2C Controller Monitors and controls the SFP module. This controller consists of the optics_control and i2c_iopad modules.
Traffic Controller Generates and monitors Ethernet packets for hardware verification.
Altera JTAG Avalon Master Provides an interface to the Qsys tool for users to initiate Avalon Memory-Mapped transactions through System Console.
Address Decoder Top The address decoder module for the design.
Address Decoder Channel The address decoder module for each component within the channel.
Address Decoder Multi-Channel The address decoder module for all channels and the components used for all channels, such as the Master TOD.
Reset Controller Synchronizes the reset of all design components.
fPLL Generates the tx_serial_clk, pcs_phase_measure_clk, and tod_sync_sampling_clk clocks for the designs.
Components for the IEEE 1588v2 feature
Master Time-of-Day (TOD) The master time-of-day for all channels.
TOD Synch Synchronizes the time-of-day from the Master TOD module to the Local TOD module for all channels.
Local TOD The time-of-day module for each channel.
Pulse per Second Module Returns the pulse per second (pps) value for all channels.
PTP Packet Classifier Decodes the packet type of each incoming PTP packet and returns the information to the Triple-Speed Ethernet IP core.

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