Intel® Agilex™ F-Series and I-Series General-Purpose I/O User Guide

ID 683780
Date 9/29/2022
Document Table of Contents

3.5.1. HPS IBIS Models

The Intel® Agilex™ IBIS model kit contains the following information:

  • IBIS model file (.ibs)
  • User guide that describes the model usage
  • Model list sheet that lists the supported I/O feature for each model
  • Package RLC report that provides the lumped package RLC values for each supported Intel® Agilex™ variant

You can use the Intel® Agilex™ IBIS model to simulate all valid I/O features configurations across all supported I/O standards:

  • Slew rate
  • Weak pull-up
  • Current strength
  • Open drain

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