Arria V Avalon-ST Interface for PCIe Solutions User Guide

ID 683733
Date 6/03/2020

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13. Hard IP Reconfiguration

The Arria V Hard IP for PCI Express reconfiguration block allows you to dynamically change the value of configuration registers that are read-only. You access this block using its Avalon-MM slave interface. You must enable this optional functionality by turning on Enable Hard IP Reconfiguration in the parameter editor. For a complete description of the signals in this interface, refer to Hard IP Reconfiguration Interface.

The Hard IP reconfiguration block provides access to read-only configuration registers, including Configuration Space, Link Configuration, MSI and MSI-X capabilities, Power Management, and Advanced Error Reporting (AER). This interface does not support simulation.

The procedure to dynamically reprogram these registers includes the following three steps:

  1. Bring down the PCI Express link by asserting the hip_reconfig_rst_n reset signal, if the link is already up. (Reconfiguration can occur before the link has been established.)
  2. Reprogram configuration registers using the Avalon-MM slave Hard IP reconfiguration interface.
  3. Release the npor reset signal.
Note: You can use the LMI interface to change the values of configuration registers that are read/write at run time. For more information about the LMI interface, refer to LMI Signals.

Contact your Intel representative for descriptions of the read-only, reconfigurable registers.