AN 706: Routing HPS Peripheral Signals to the FPGA External Interface

ID 683659
Date 5/07/2018

1.2.8. SD Card Image Updates

Update the default SD card image with the generated preloader binary, u-boot image file and DTB file following the steps described below:

  1. With your Linux machine, prepare the SD card by following the information in GSRD-Booting Linux Using Prebuilt SD Card Image. Untar the sd_image.bin.tar.gz file and program the image file, sd_image.bin into the SD card.
  2. Replace the preloader-mkpimage.bin, u-boot.img and socfpga.dtb in the SD card.
    Note: Information provided regarding SD card changes, preloader and Linux software file changes and preloader generation are applicable to this reference design only.