AN 706: Routing HPS Peripheral Signals to the FPGA External Interface

ID 683659
Date 5/07/2018

1.2.9. Board Setup and Booting Linux from the SD Card

Board setup is based on the GSRD Getting Started Guides.
  1. Connect Ethernet Cable to the ENET1 Ethernet port.
    Figure 8. Ethernet Connection on Cyclone® V SoC Development Board
  2. Slot in the SD card and power on the board.
  3. Program the FPGA .sof file and perform a warm reset on the Cyclone® V HPS component to reload the SD card image.
  4. The kernel automatically enables and initializes EMAC0 then executes the dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) to obtain an IP address.
  5. When the boot process has completed, login as root at the kernel terminal.
    Figure 9. Kernel Login Example