Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Design Optimization

ID 683641
Date 4/03/2023

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Document Table of Contents Report Route Net of Interest

The Timing Analyzer's Reports > Design Metrics > Report Route Net of Interest... command allows you to report the nets that require the most effort from the router. The report shows the percentage of total router effort for the nets reported. The equivalent scripting command is report_route_net_of_interest.

This report allows you to identify nets that should not require significant router effort. For example, you might expect that low speed management interface nets are not timing critical, and therefore not require much router effort. However, if Report Route Net of Interest reports that some nets in the low speed management interface require significant effort from the router, you can investigate that further. The investigation can determine whether the timing constraints are correct, whether the fan-out is significant and can reduce through driver duplication, or whether the net passes through congested areas.

Figure 42. Report Route Net of Interest Report
Figure 43. Report Route Net of Interest Dialog Box
Table 20.  Report Route Net of Interest Settings
Option Available Settings
Nets Specifies the Maximum number of nets to report. The default value is 50.
Report panel name Specifies the name of the report panel. You can optionally enable File name to write the information to a file. If you append .htm or .html as a suffix, the Timing Analyzer produces the report as HTML. If you enable File name, you can Overwrite or Append the file with latest data.
Tcl command Displays the Tcl syntax that corresponds with the GUI options you select. You can copy the command from the Console into a Tcl file.