AN 883: Intel Arria 10 DisplayPort TX-only Design

ID 683597
Date 7/03/2021
Public Removing Irrelevant Block in Top Level Example Design a10_dp_demo.v File

Below are detailed steps to remove the irrelevant blocks in top level file:
  1. Module a10_dp_demo IO port modification:-
    • Remove Transceiver Data RX inputs - fmca_dp_m2c signals
    • Remove other RX signals (RX_HPD, RX Cable Detect, RX Power Detect and RX AUX Signals)
    • Remove Paratech Retimer signals (Bitec FMC Card Rev.8 or below)
  2. DisplayPort Core Qsys system dp_core instantiation modifications;
    • Remove I2C Avalon Interface to Paratech/Megachip Retimer
    • Remove the DisplayPort Sink Sub-system
  3. Remove rx_phy_top module instantiation.
  4. Remove bitec_clkrec module instantiation
    • This module is only available if you generated DisplayPort design example with PCR
  5. Remove Transceiver Reconfiguration Arbiter module instantiation.
  6. Remove I2C master interface