CPRI Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683595
Date 7/01/2022

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3.5. AUX Interface

The CPRI Intel® FPGA IP auxiliary (AUX) interface provides direct access to the CPRI 10 ms radio frame, including I/Q data and control words. You can use this interface to support your specific application. For example, the AUX interface allows you to implement custom I/Q sample widths and custom mapping schemes.

The AUX interface also enables multi-hop routing applications and provides timing reference information for transmitted and received frames. Using this interface, you can load I/Q data in a precise location in the precise CPRI basic frame you target.

The AUX interface allows you to connect CPRI IP instances and other system components together by supporting a direct connection to a user-defined routing layer or custom mapping block. You implement this routing layer, which is not defined in the CPRI Specification, outside the CPRI IP core. The AUX interface supports the transmission and reception of I/Q data and timing information between an RE slave and an RE master, allowing you to define a custom routing layer that enables daisy-chain configurations of RE master and slave ports. Your custom routing layer determines the I/Q sample data to pass on to other REs to support multi-hop network configurations and custom mapping algorithms.

If you turn on Enable auxiliary interface in the CPRI parameter editor, your IP core includes this interface.