Intel® Stratix® 10 Hard Processor System Component Reference Manual

ID 683516
Date 2/10/2023
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3.2.2. Reset Interface

The HPS reset request and handshake interfaces are connected to Intel® conduit BFMs for simulation.

Table 17.  HPS Reset Input Interface Simulation ModelYou can monitor the reset request interface state changes or set the interface by using the API listed.

Interface Name

BFM Instance Name

API Function Names

h2f_warm_reset_handshake h2f_warm_reset_handshake_inst set_h2f_pending_rst_req_n()
Table 18.  HPS Reset Output Interface Simulation ModelThe Intel® reset source BFM application programming interface applies to all the BFMs listed.

Interface Name

BFM Instance Name

h2f_reset h2f_reset_inst
h2f_cold_reset h2f_cold_reset_inst
h2f_debug_apb_reset h2f_debug_apb_reset_inst
Table 19.  Configuration of Reset Source BFM for HPS Reset Output InterfaceThe HPS reset output interface is connected to a reset source BFM. Platform Designer configures the BFM as shown in the following table. The parameter value of the instantiated BFM is configured for HPS simulation.


BFM Value


Assert reset high


This parameter is off, specifying an active‑low reset signal from the BFM.

Cycles of initial reset


This parameter is 0, specifying that the BFM does not assert the reset signal automatically.