Intel® Cyclone® 10 GX CvP Initialization over PCI Express User Guide

ID 683358
Date 1/02/2018
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3.4. Splitting the SOF File

Follow these steps to split your .sof file into separate images for the periphery and core logic.

  1. After the .sof file is generated, under File menu, select Convert Programming Files.
  2. Under Output programming file section, specify the following parameters:
    Table 5.  Parameters: Output Programming File Tab
    Parameter Value
    Programming file type JTAG Indirect Configuration File (*.jic)
    Configuration device EPCQL1024
    Mode Active Serial
    File name *.periph.jic
    Create Memory Map File Turn this option on.
    Create CvP files Turn this option on. This box is greyed out until you specify the SOF Data file under Input files to convert.

  3. Under Input files to convert, specify the following parameters:
    Table 6.  Parameters: Input Files to Convert Tab
    Parameter Value
    Flash Loader 10CX220YF780E5G
    SOF Data *.sof
  4. Make sure to turn on the Create CvP files.
    Note: If you do not check this box, the Intel® Quartus® Prime software does not create separate files for the periphery and core images.
    Figure 9. Illustrating the above specified options in the Covert Programming File GUI
  5. Click Generate to create *.periph.jic and *.core.rbf files.