Intel® Cyclone® 10 GX CvP Initialization over PCI Express User Guide

ID 683358
Date 1/02/2018
Document Table of Contents

3.5.2. Installing Jungo WinDriver in Linux Systems

  1. Navigate to <Quartus Prime installation path>/quartus/drivers/wdrvr/linux<32 or 64> 2.
  2. Run the following commands:
    1. ./configure --disable-usb-support
    2. make
    3. su
    4. make install
  3. You can change the permissions for the device file. For example, chmod 666 /dev/windrvr6.
  4. For 64-bit Linux systems, set the Quartus_64BIT environment variable before you run quartus_cvp using the following command:
    • export QUARTUS_64BIT=1
  5. You can use the quartus_cvp command to download *core .rbf files to your FPGA. The following table lists the quartus_cvp commands for all modes.
    Table 7.  Syntax for quartus_cvp Commands
    Mode quartus_cvp Command
    Uncompressed quartus_cvp --vid=<Vendor ID> --did=<Device ID> <Core .rbf file path>
    Compressed quartus_cvp -c --vid=<Vendor ID> --did=<Device ID> <Core .rbf file path>
    Encrypted quartus_cvp -e --vid=<Vendor ID> --did=<Device ID> <Core .rbf file path>
    Compressed and encrypted quartus_cvp -c -e --vid=<Vendor ID> --did=<Device ID> <Core .rbf file path>
2 You must use Linux version older than RedHat 7.2 or Kernel 3.0