Intel® High Level Synthesis Compiler Pro Edition: Reference Manual

ID 683349
Date 4/01/2024
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13.3. Intel® HLS Compiler Pro Edition Compiler-Defined Preprocessor Macros

The Intel® HLS Compiler Pro Edition has built-in macros that you can use to customize your code to create flow-dependent behaviors.
Table 38.  Macro Definition for __INTELFPGA_COMPILER__
Tool Invocation __INTELFPGA_COMPILER__
g++ or cl Undefined
i++ -march=x86-64 2410
i++ -march="<FPGA_family_or_part_number>" 2410
Table 39.  Macro Definition for HLS_SYNTHESIS
Tool Invocation HLS_SYNTHESIS
Testbench Code HLS Component Code
g++ or cl Undefined Undefined
i++ -march=x86-64 Undefined Undefined
i++ -march="<FPGA_family_or_part_number>" Undefined Defined