100G Interlaken Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683338
Date 10/31/2022
Document Table of Contents

2.5. Simulating the 100G Interlaken IP Core

You can simulate your 100G Interlaken IP core variation using any of the vendor-specific IEEE encrypted functional simulation models which are generated in the new <instance name>_sim or <instance name>/sim subdirectory of your project directory.

The 100G Interlaken IP core supports the VCS* , Xcelium* , QuestaSim* , and ModelSim* SE simulators.

The 100G Interlaken IP core generates only a Verilog HDL simulation model and testbench. The IP core parameter editor appears to offer you the option of generating a VHDL simulation model, but this IP core does not support a VHDL simulation model or testbench.

For more information about functional simulation models for Intel® IP cores, refer to the Simulating Intel® Designs chapter in volume 3 of the Quartus Prime Handbook.

For non- Intel® Arria® 10 variations with Verilog HDL models, if you turn on Generate example design when you generate the IP core, the Quartus Prime software generates a testbench. This testbench demonstrates the resetting, clocking, and toggling of the 100G Interlaken IP core user interfaces in simulation. For Intel® Arria® 10 variations, you can generate both this testbench and a hardware example design by clicking Generate Example Design in the 100G Interlaken parameter editor.