100G Interlaken Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683338
Date 10/31/2022
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3.5. Include Advanced Error Reporting and Handling

The Include advanced error reporting and handling parameter specifies whether your 100G Interlaken IP core checks the integrity of incoming packets on the Interlaken link and reports the packet corruption errors it detects.

If you turn on Include advanced error reporting and handling, the irx_err signal reflects CRC24 errors that are associated with data and control words in a burst. Some CRC24 errors might be an indication of one of the following conditions:

  • Loss of lane alignment
  • Illegal control word
  • Illegal framing pattern
  • Missing SOP or EOP indicator

If you turn off Include advanced error reporting and handling, the value on the irx_err signal is not valid. If you turn it on, the irx_err signal is valid in clock cycles when irx_eob is asserted.

Your IP core calculates and inserts CRC24 bits in outgoing Interlaken communication, and checks incoming Interlaken communication for CRC24 errors in the control, data, and Idle words, whether or not you turn on this parameter. The IP core reports these errors in real time on the crc24_err output signal. However, the IP core reports all CRC24 errors it encounters on this signal, whether or not it is able to associate them with a specific burst. The irx_err signal, if enabled, provides a better indication of the location of actual errors in incoming communication on the Interlaken link.

If you turn this parameter on, your IP core reports certain incoming packet corruption errors, increasing system robustness. If you turn the parameter off your IP core has lower latency and requires fewer resources on the device.

A checkmark in the check box to the left of the parameter turns this parameter on, specifying that the IP core include this feature. A check box with no checkmark indicates that the option is turned off, and the IP core does not include the feature.

By default, the Include advanced error reporting and handling parameter is turned off.