F-Tile Avalon® Streaming Intel® FPGA IP for PCI Express* User Guide

ID 683140
Date 5/15/2024
Document Table of Contents RX Path

This tab allows you to monitor and control the receiver settings for the channel selected.

Table 124.  Receiver Settings
  Parameters Values Descriptions
RX Status RX Polarity No polarity inversion, Polarity inversion

Indicates RX polarity inversion for the selected lane.

No polarity inversion: no polarity inversion on RX.

Polarity inversion: polarity inversion on RX.

RX Electrical Idle True, False

Indicates if RX is in electrical idle or not.

True: RX is in electrical idle.

False: RX is out of electrical idle.

Receiver Detected Green, Grey

Green: Far end receiver is detected.

Grey: Far end receiver is not detected.

RX CDR CDR Lock Green, Red

Indicates the CDR lock state.

Green: CDR is locked.

Red: CDR is not locked.

CDR Mode Locked to Reference (LTR), Locked to Data (LTD)

Indicates the CDR lock mode.

LTR: CDR is locked to reference clock.

LTD: CDR is locked to data.

RX Equalization RX VGA Gain

<0 to 127>

Indicates the RX AFE VGA gain value.

RX High Freq Boost

<0 to 63>

Indicates the RX AFE high frequency boost value.

DFE Data Tap1 <0 to 63>

Indicates the adapted value of DFE tap 1.

Figure 86. Example of Receiver Settings