F-Tile Avalon® Streaming Intel® FPGA IP for PCI Express* User Guide

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Date 5/15/2024
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6.2.5. Configuration, Debug and Extension Options

Figure 68. Configuration, Debug and Extension Parameters
Table 108.  Configuration, Debug and Extension Options
Parameter Value Default Value Description
Gen 3 Requested equalization far-end TX preset vector 0 - 65535


Specifies the Gen 3 requested phase 2/3 far-end TX preset vector.
Gen 4 Requested equalization far-end TX preset vector 0 - 65535


Specifies the Gen 4 requested phase 2/3 far-end TX preset vector. Choosing a value different from the default is not recommended for most designs.

Enable RX Buffer Limit Ports True/False False When selected, RX buffer limit ports are exported allowing you to control the buffer limits for RX Posted, Non-Posted and CplD packets. Otherwise, the Maximum Buffer Size is used.
Predetermined number of lanes






Maximum link width

Defines the number of lanes which are connected and good.

Used to limit the effective link width to ignore 'broken" or "unused" lanes that detect a receiver.

Indicates the number of lanes to check for exit from Electrical Idle in Polling.Active and L2.Idle.

It is possible that the LTSSM might detect a receiver on a bad or broken lane during the Detect Substate. However, it is also possible that such a lane might also fail to exit Electrical Idle and therefore prevent a valid link from being configured. This value is referred to as the "Predetermined Number of Lanes" in section of the PCI Express Base Specification.

When you have unused lanes in the system, you must change the value in this register to reflect the number of lanes. For instance, if you find that one of the used lanes is bad, then you must reduce the value of "Predetermined number of lanes".

Enable Prefetchable Memory 64-bit address support



When in RP mode, indicates that the prefetchable memory range supported is 64-bit.